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40 Year Transferable Warranty

A really effective gutter guard should be built to last. After all, we want you to be able to stop cleaning your gutters for good. That only works if LeafBlaster Pro® can withstand more than just a few seasons. We’re confident it will, and every Gutterglove product comes with a warranty to back it up.


Made and Assembled in the USA

Quality is important to Gutterglove®, and the company believes the best way to achieve that is with superior materials assembled right here in the USA. From long-lasting stainless steel to micro-mesh tested against the smallest debris, these gutter guards are assembled with innovative design exclusive to Gutterglove®. 


Why Gutter Guards?

A gutter’s job is to prevent damage to your home by diverting water away from it. But gutters can clog with debris, and clogged gutters can’t do their job. Gutter guards keep debris out, helping gutters perform properly. When you protect your gutters with gutter guards, you protect your home.

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